The parishioners attending Holy Redeemer, Holy Family, Our Lady of the Snows, and Holy Trinity Churches are very active in a wide variety of ministry functions related to our Catholic faith and our local communities. These ministries can be classified into 4 major components:

  • Liturgical
  • Faith Development
  • Parish Catholic Associations
  • Community Outreach

Supporting these ministries are the Holy Redeemer Parish Council, Holy Trinity Pastoral Council, and the Finance Councils. Included are contact names, description and meeting times. Please contact these people with your questions and comments on how we can improve our services and increase your interest as support volunteers. We need your HELP!!

HR = Holy Redeemer
HT = Holy Trinity
OL = Our Lady of the Snows
HF = Holy Family


Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

Description: The purpose of this program is interior growth – closeness to God. Members joining this group have access to other’s prayer support.

HR OFFICE: 541-536-3571
HT OFFICE: 541-593-5990

Meeting Times:
HR – Friday – 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
HT – Thursday – 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Holy Redeemer PARISH Pastoral Council

Holy Redeemer Finance Shirley DeLuca
Holy Trinity Representative(s)
Holy Family RepresentativeMike House
Our Lady of the Snows Representative Mary Vroman
Ministries ListDonna Pigman

Holy Redeemer Pastoral Council

Ushers, Greeters, Ministries ListDonna Pigman
HospitalityCee Harris
Gloria Albro

Holy Trinity Pastoral Council

Ministries List Colleen Dunn
HospitalityRicky Keller
Larry Kelly
Donna Pigman

Holy Redeemer PARISH Finance Council

Holy Redeemer ChairpersonShirley DeLuca
Holy Trinity Representative(s)Irene Roeder
Holy Family Mike House
Our Lady of the SnowsMary Dutcher

Holy Redeemer Finance Council

Chairperson Shirley Deluca
Bob Seidenberg
Andy Meeuwsen

Holy Trinity Finance Council

Irene Roeder
Frank Dunn
Jim Humeston
Mike Spaniol

Altar Servers

Description: To provide training for our young people as altar servers.


Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Description: Participate in the body of Christ by distributing the Eucharistic sacrament at the Weekend Mass.

OFFICE HR 541-536-3571

Meeting: All Churches

Ministry to the Sick and Homebound

Description: To find people in adult foster homes and private homes without a church home and to draw these people into the Community by bringing them Communion.

OFFICE HR541-536-3571

Greeters / Ushers / Hospitality

Description: Establish a welcoming and friendly atmosphere prior, during and after the celebration of the Mass.

Donna PigmanHR541-536-3571
Ricky KellerHT541-350-4082

Meeting: All Churches / Weekends before each Mass


Description: Lectors make known the Word of God through the first and second liturgy reading and prayer of the faithful at Mass.

OFFICE HR541-536-3571

Meeting: All Churches

Liturgy Committee

Description: Planning, preparation, and evaluation of liturgies. Coordinate style and content within seasonal themes.

OFFICE ALL Churches541-536-3571

Music Ministry

Description: To provide celebration, prayer and a sense of community through song at the Masses and special occasions. Music Ministry includes members of the choir, musicians, cantors, and the music director. Rehearsals are open to all.

Sandy GernhartHT Sunday AM360-433-1405

Prayer Chain

Description: Members pledge to pray for all requests brought to the group. In critical times of illness, accident, death, and personal problems we turn to God for comfort. The knowledge that others are praying in our behalf brings added comfort and healing.

Debbie Barrett HR541-593-2990
Linda Redman
Dorothy SpielmanHR541-576-2651


Description: Prepare for Weekend Liturgy. Maintain sacred vessels and order supplies of wine, bread and candles.


Meeting Place: All Churches / Weekends


Adult Education Study

Description: On-going ministry which takes various forms from sacramental preparation to Bible study

OFFICE HR/HT541-536-3571

Meeting: All Churches as scheduled.

Baptism Preparation

Description: Preparation for parents and Godparents of young children for initiation into the community through the sacrament of Baptism. Please call for church’s baptismal policy.

OFFICE HR/HT541-536-3571

First Communion / Reconciliation Preparation

Description: These programs include fellowship and educational contact intended to welcome into our community and prepare individuals and families for sacraments fundamental to our faith. First Communion Program includes weekly sessions educating children (2nd grade and older) and their parents in the sacraments of Eucharist and Liturgy.


Lenten Program

Description: This yearly program provides outstanding meatless soup and bread dinners throughout the Lenten Season combined with Stations of the Cross.

ALL CHURCHES541-536-3571

Meeting: Fridays during Lent – Stations begin at 6:00PM followed by a meatless soup dinner (donations for dinner are given to the poor in our community).

Marriage Preparation

Description: Classes and counseling for the preparation of adults for a Catholic marriage. Please call for church’s marriage policy.


Meeting: 3 months preparation

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

Description: RCIA provides information and personal preparation to adults considering what it means to be Catholic, and considering Baptism and full communion into the Roman Catholic faith.


Meeting: 22 week program (generally begins in October and goes through the Easter Vigil).

Youth Ministry

Description: Teenagers will learn to use the Bible, become involved with the community and take time to get to know one another. This will promote better understanding and growth in our young people: That we are all children of God; That our obligation is to know Our Lord better through His Word and involvement with His people, both in our church community and outside of it.

Office ALL CHURCHES541-536-3571

Parish Catholic Associations

Holy Redeemer Altar Society

Description: This ministry covers a variety of services including altar flowers, holiday church decorating, fund raisers and Friday night Lenten suppers after the Stations of the Cross. Supervising sacristans who care for the Altar cloths, the Sunshine ministry, mailing cards and keeping in touch with the new parishioners and keeping the church clean to provide a welcoming place for all.

Cherie Patrick 503-577-0717

Knights of Columbus (Rev. William Coughlan Council #9932)

Description: Knights are Catholic men, 18 years of age and older, who are committed to making their community a better place, while supporting their Church.

Lee FlesvigGrand Knight541-536-9049

Meeting: 3rd Monday of each month at 4:00PM at Holy Redeemer.

Catholic Daughters of the Americas

Description: The puropse of the Catholic Daughters is to participate in the religious, charitable and educational Apostolate of the Church. We engage in creative and spiritual programs which provide its members with the opportuinity to develop their special God-given talents in a meaningful way to positively influence the welfare of the Church and all peoples throughout the world.

Debbie Barrett – Regent541-977-3868

Meeting Place: 3rd Saturday of each month, venue alternates between HR and HT.


Description: To build and maintain the church Library’s.

OFFICE HR541-593-5990

Meeting: Library / As needed

Parish Bulletin / Newsletter

Description: Parish-wide information published weekly.


Meeting Time: Deadline for submission is Tuesday by Midnight.

Parish Communications:  News Media & Web site

Description: To provide current information to parish members, visitors, and everyone throughout the world with an internet connection seeking information regarding what our parish believes and does to communicate the spirit of Jesus and his divine mercy.

OFFICE541-536-3571 / 541-593-5990

Property Maintenance

Description: To maintain and enhance the physical property (excluding landscaping) in a usable, safe and operational condition. Members perform repairs and preventative maintenance, and select appropriate vendors to perform repair or services. Members apply their talents on an as required basis.

OFFICEHR & HT541-536-3571

Meeting Place / Time: As Needed

St. Vincent de Paul

Description: Provides food and additional services (shelter, utilities, medical aid) as need arises within community. All services are confidential.

STORE PHONE 541-536-1956

Meeting: New Retail Thrift Store (9-5, Mon-Sat) On Huntington, North of La Pine Post Office